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Wild & Game food review

It’s been a while, but I’m back with another food review. I love trying new foods so when Wild & Game asked me if I’d like to try some sausages, pâté and pie, I was very excited.

Wild & Game are a new food producers who want to encourage more people to eat British game meat. They are not-for-profit and produce an array of game-based products.

I’ve never really tried game before, I had a rabbit sausage ones which tasted rather nice, but other than that it’s just not something I usually pick up in my supermarket. However, when it’s sent through my letterbox, I have no real excuse.


Wild & GameAll sausages come in a pack of 6 and are all £8.80

Pheasant & pear, Pheasant & Venison and Pheasant & White Wine

I found these to be a bit flavourless, while they were incredibly meaty which is a huge bonus, the flavour of pear didn’t seem very present. Compared with other sausages, however, the meat content tasted incredibly high and they didn’t lose their shape or shrink during cooking.

The ones with Venison were a lot meaty than the other two, which is to be expected, however, the white wine ones had a slightly more intense flavour which I prefer. Overall, these sausages definitely stood out against my usual purchases and I’d happily have them again.


Both Pâtés come in a box of 2, they are £7 each

Pheasant, pistachio & port and Grouse, brandy & herb

Unlike most pates I’ve had, these two had a much smoother texture, neither were incredibly fragrant which I prefer but still was full of flavour. There was a distinct taste of meat and herbs then a delicious smooth aftertaste of brandy and grouse.

Wild and Game

Pasties and pies

All pies come in a box of 6 and are £16.74 each

Country steak & ale pie and Country chicken and mushroom pie

Pies should always be the centre point of a dish. Abundant filling, well seasoned and encased in a thick, non-soggy pastry is a must. These pies were no different. They didn’t scrimp on taste, size or ingredients and was served with creamy mash, a fantastic accompaniment to a well-made pie.

Country ham and cheesy mash pasty (not available online, but have a pie which is similar)

I couldn’t find the pasty I tried online but their pasties are £8.97 for a box of 3. This pasty for me though wasn’t anything special, there was a hint of cheesy to the mash and the ham tasted lovely but the pastry itself was oily and fell apart very easily.

5″ Country sausage roll, a box of 6 for £15.24

I love a sausage roll, but this one just didn’t hit the mark. Which was a shame given that Wild & Game sausages are delicious. The pastry was bland and crumbled apart so it was hard to eat and the sausage meat was mixed with herbs but still lacked flavour.

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