Why I love independents

Those of you who follow my social media pages will know by now, I am a huge fan of independent cafes. Slightly because it allows me to unleash my inner hipster but also they’re usually cheaper than chains and more importantly they care about their products.

So after living in Europe and visiting many many cafes most of which were independent, I was excited to head back to Southampton and seek out what cafe and restaurants were on offer that I could support and in turn would fuel my coffee addiction.

So without further ado, here is a run down of 4 of my favourite independents in Southampton, all of which are different and offer a unique experience.

1) Mettricks

This has to get the top spot, mostly because I love it and it’s a place a visit at least twice a week.

While some may argue this is a chain, I think not. Yes, their are 5 Mettricks in Southampton but each one offers something different.

From a traditional coffee shop, to a sit down meal or a few after work cocktails. Every Mettricks offers something unique. My favourite venue? Guildhall, why? The large leather arm chairs and stupidly comfortable and I can have a hot chocolate while my friends drink beer, because I’m fun like that.



2) Greg’s Bistro

One of my favourite places for a sit down meal, and the best lamb I’ve ever had is Greg’s. With a welcoming feel as soon as you walk in the door, a relaxed atmosphere and fresh food you can’t really complain.

Located slightly out of the city centre, I think this is a great to get away from the madness of Bedford Place or WestQuay and actually relax.

European cuisine, polite staff and a host of fresh specials. What’s not to love?

3) The Flying Aubergine

Looking for a Mediterranean lunch? Or maybe one of the biggest, tastiest and freshest salads around? Then pop down to The Flying Aubergine. If you fancy going for the evening instead then they do serve dinner as well.

For me, the salads here are always a winner, the Goats Cheese is something I’d highly recommend if you’re a cheese fan!

If you’re failing to locate it you maybe looking on the high street, but venture into the park and you’ll find this little unique cafe. With freshly made food all of which is super tasty, this will forever be a favourite.

4) The Oxford Brasserie

Italian food is always favoured when eating out, and The Oxford Brasserie provides just that. With a cosy atmosphere, this little restaurant is perfect for date night.

Whilst they do try and cram as many people into the venue as possible, they don’t compromise on food or flavour and they still provide excellent service.

If you are going here, then order the brownie, it’s beautiful and super tasty.

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