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Who are the Soil Association?

This blog is a little different to my usual ones, however, the Soil Association are a great charity I was recently introduced to and one which I think many of you will be interested to read about.

They’re the UK’s leading membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use.

So why am I telling you about them?

Well, they run several campaigns all of which focusing on the food industry and safety regulations.

However, there were two campaigns which stood out strongly to me, mostly because they affect us all and we don’t even know that there is a problem.

Stop Genetic Modification

For decades the genetic modification (GM) industry has ‘claimed’ that if crops are genetically modified they can revolutionise farming and even solve world hunger.

Yet, here we are, world hunger is still an issue and GM hasn’t solved anything.

GM is expensive for farmers, with them having to purchase seeds from certain companies and use expensive weed-killers due to crops creating herbicide-resistant ‘superweeds’.

The Soil Association want to raise the issue of GM and convince the Government to choose more economical and environmentally viable alternatives to GM.

Labelling matters

For me, this campaign was most shocking as I didn’t realise that more than 80% of animals raised in the EU each year are factory farmed.

Meaning that these animals are treated under inhumane practices and hidden behind closed doors out of public views.

The Soil Association  want to place a symbol on products to indicate that the food has come from the highest level of animal welfare which will be linked to meat, dairy and fish products.

Working with Compassion in World Farmin, RSPCA and World Society for the Protection of Animals they are demanding a change. They want to ensure consumers can make informed choices about animal produce.

Of course these are just two of the great campaigns which the Soil Association are working on, in an effort to change the food and farming industry to ensure we are able to eat healthily and safely.

If you are interested in helping the charity the check their website for more details.

You can follow the Soil Association on Facebook and Twitter.

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