What’s the big deal with healthy eating?

Clean eating is the concept that you know about your food, you know where it comes from and what it contains. By doing this you can ensure you only put ‘good’ food into your body. That way you retain a healthy diet and lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend a fortune on organic foods. It means you pay more attention to your labels and what you food contains.

Supermarkets tend to bulk up foods by using preservatives and additives so that there food looks and tastes better. Most supermarkets will add at least on artificial ingredient. As a result the food becomes processed and unhealthy.

Additives and preservatives are found in many of our everyday foods including benzoic acid found in fruit juice and BHA and BHT found often in oily and fatty foods but also cereals. They can often be identified on food packaging due to their bizarre names. Artificial sweeteners are often also used these are aspartame, saccharine and sodium cyclamate.

An easy way of avoiding processed foods is to cook a lot from scratch, steam vegetables and grill meats in order to retain as many vitamins as possible. With regards to dairy products they should always be hormone free but other than that they are fine to mix in with meals.

There is nothing wrong with canned food, whilst many people avoid it because they think it is unhealthy due to how it is stored it’s perfectly fine. So long as you always check the labels. For example foods like sweetcorn can be stored in water rather than syrups of other unnatural preservatives. In a can of tomatoes there shouldn’t be many more ingredients other than tomatoes. Avoid buying canned foods which contain many ingredients, the lower the number of ingredients the better it is for you.

There are many natural ways to add flavour to meals. Simply by adding fresh cut of crushed spices such as ginger, garlic and chilli you can quickly boost your meals. Natural sweeteners can also be used; honey and agave and often favoured due to often containing no preservatives.

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