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My top 5 vegetarian recipes

Today is World Vegetarian Day, a day dedicated to those who opt – or in some cases have no choice – to not eat meat. While for some, the idea of being meat-free can seem quite daunting, it’s actually incredibly easy and can be just as filling and tasty!

Here are my favourite vegetarian recipes for a whole day of eating meat-free.

Breakfast: Coconut overnight oats

Vegetarian overnight oats

£0.44     5 minutes (then leave overnight)     Serves 1

Many everyday breakfasts are naturally vegetarian, however, when you want to have something special for breakfast it tends to revolve around meat.

This coconut overnight oats recipe is one of my favourites because it’s just nice and easy while still being incredibly tasty.

Lunch: Chickpea and granola salad

vegetarian granola salad£1.05     15 mins    Serves 1

Lunch can seem boring for many vegetarians, but it doesn’t have to be that way! This chickpea and granola salad has a delicious crunch thanks to the nuts and is filled with so many tasty and healthy elements.


Dinner: Peanut butter noodles

Vegetarian Peanut butter noodles and healthy and tasty

£1.13     20 minutes     Serves 1

Dinner doesn’t have to be meaty to be tasty! This vegetarian noodle dish is one of my absolute favourite dishes.

It’s full of protein from the peanut butter and lots of colourful vegetables – including my favourite, carrots.



Side: Hollandaise pie cups

vegetarian pie cups

£0.90     An Hour     Makes 2

This pie dish is one of my all-time favourite things to cook and eat, it’s super indulgent while being simple to make.

Don’t let the cooking time put you off, most of that time is spent with the pie in the oven!


Pudding: Chocolate Pudding

chocolate pudding vegetarian£0.37     5 minutes (leave in the fridge for 3-4 hours)    Serves 2

This dish took me a while to create, but once I mastered it I was so happy! This is the perfect vegetarian pudding – it also has the bonus of being vegan.

Indulgent, chocolatey and tasty, the perfect pud!



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