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Supermarine Blogger Meet Up

Last week I had the pleasure of attending my first blogger event with the Southampton Bloggers group, hosted by Alice Spake. We all met in Woolston at Supermarine, a restaurant serving wood fire pizza and a selection of delicious starters and cocktails.

After arriving a few minutes late, I was greeted by lovely wait staff before being shown to our table decorated with plates, wine glasses and roses. At the top of the table was a selection of wines and cocktails. I’d highly recommend the cosmopolitan cocktail it was sweet with a kick at the end. They also hand press their lemonade!

I settled in and began to get to know the other bloggers before our starters were brought out, we enjoyed cured meats, mozzarella and tomato salad and a selection of crostinis.

My favourite was the sausage and mozzarella crostini, the bread was lovely and fresh topped with spicy sausage and melted cheese. Everything tasted incredibly fresh and I was very excited when the pizzas came out.

We were lucky enough to have several pizzas given to us, all hand stretched and topped with a range of items then baked in the beautiful mosaic wood fire.

After we’d all taken photos of the pizzas (which took a while to be fair) I tucked into all of the options which included two vegan pizzas. This being said, it wasn’t until I finished off my slice that I was told they were vegan, they tasted amazing.

The pizzas were incredibly fresh and I absolutely loved it, but just when I thought I couldn’t eat any more pizza they brought out the dessert; chocolate pizza and salted caramel tart.

The tart was delicious, with a crunchy base, soft chocolate coating and complimented with vanilla ice cream. The chocolate sauce on the pizza was a little too sweet for me but the strawberries offset this.

The entire evening was amazing, from start to finish including the staff, food and of course the company. But what more would you expect, it is part of the Mettricks family, aka the best coffee in Southampton.


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