Chinese takeaways can contain as much salt as a big mac

Chinese Takeaways Can Contain as Much Salt as 5 Big Macs

Action on Salt has revealed that some Chinese ready meals and takeaways have more salt than 11 bags of crisps.

The UK health experts have recommended these dishes display a health warning on the front-of-packaging due to the high salt content. This is something New York City, US, have already begun doing with chains being required to have high-salt labels.

One of the worst offending options was Slimming World’s Chinese Style Banquet Rice found in Iceland, this fried rice have 4.4g of salt per serving. This is more than 3 large Dominoes Original Cheese & Tomato pizzas with a Classic Crust.

The average adult’s recommended daily allowance of salt is 6g with children being between 2g and 6g depending on their age. Both of the dishes above contain over 80% of an adults RDA.

UK health experts have suggested that dishes which are high in salt carry warnings, but no notion has been made of when or if this will come into effect.

In the meantime try making a Chinese dinner for yourself instead, here are some recipes, all for under £1.50

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