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Ho Chi Minh City’s food culture

Ho Chi Minh City, is a hub of culture and most importantly food. There are so many food options here is just a taste of my favourite places.

Vegetarian restaurant

After my bun cha ta in Hanoi, I had a huge craving for more so after a wander around I found an incredible vegetarian restaurant which specialises in it. Quán Cơm Chay Thiện Duyên took £3.60 from me and in return, I had 2 portions of tofu bun cha ta complete with nettles, fresh chilli and lime slices on the side as well as two spring rolls with dipping sauce. Super tasty and filling ideal for a quick dinner, plus I barely could tell there was no meat, it’s incredible.

Vegetarian Pho
A taste of France

After wandering the streets and visiting some museums – AN ABSOLUTE MUST IN SAIGON – I was hungry and the idea of something not with noodles was ideal, so Tous les Jours was a life saver. Located on 20 Đặng Thị Nhu, Nguyễn Thái Bình this little bakery is filled with baked goodies all descriptions written in Thai and French so you will probably have no clue what you’re buying but they’re super tasty.

France in Saigon
tous les jours
Hipster heaven

Located inside a tall building on the second floor is The Loft, a cafe with an extensive menu offering a variety of food all plated perfectly for Instagrammers, the whole place could be right out of a bloggers dream. 95 Pasteur Quận, 1 Bến Nghé, is where you’ll find it. I had a Vietnamese coffee which was served with a cup and a cafetiere on top dripping luscious coffee over condescend milk giving a thick creamy coffee. With a lunch of chicken stir fry with rice this all tasty delicious.

hipster cafe
the loft vietnam
vietnamese food
Ban Thanh Street Food Market

I feel I have really saved the best till last. This market is a must, it’s incredible options for food are mind blowing and their are just so many flavours. For example, walking down the aisle you have a fish bar on one side and a BBQ joint on the other. It’s incredible. I had spring rolls, a pulled pork wrap, a Vietnamese pizza – something not like pizza but definitely interesting – and a steamed pork bun.

Ban Thanh Street Food Market
Ban Thanh Street Food

Overall, this was my favourite city for food, a must visit if you’re looking for a dynamic food experience (yes, I did just say that).

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