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Singapore: A Food Diary

Singapore, a muggy metropolitan paradise. Half the size of London, this country acts like a Mary Poppins bag – filled with an array of treasures that leave you filled with wonder. While you may Google image search Singapore and be greeted with different angles of Marina Bay, this city is far more than it’s three-towered hotel, and Singapores food culture is at the heart of it.

Marina Bay

It’s a mecca for foodies, with people coming from all over the world to visit and stay. With this migration brings a plethora of food cultures. Hawker centres serve Indian curries to Japanese sushi and Chinese noodles, there’s even the occasional British fish n chips thrown in for good measure – although I’m not sure why you’d opt for this over Michelin starred chicken and rice.

Hawker centres are food hubs, and if you go to Singapore and don’t visit one you’d be missing out on a gem. Not only are they cheaper than any other food you’ll get in the city but they’re also where locals eat, so the perfect place to go for insider tips.

I won’t instruct you on which Hawker centre you HAVE to visit, mainly because there are too many in the city to recommend, but just make sure you go. If you’re stuck for dish options, chicken rice is a pretty good place to start, it’s the signature dish, usually served with a sweet n sour sauce. You can either get the chicken flavoured, typically Hong Kong style or just boiled.

One place I will insist you visit is Hawker Chan, they serve the best chicken rice in the city, don’t believe me? Well, they’ve been awarded a Michelin star for their Hong Kong style chicken rice dish.

Officially the world cheapest Michelin starred restaurant, Hawker Chan serves their classic Hong Kong style chicken rice for just $3.80. They do, of course, have other options on the menu, but if you’re only able to visit here once then go for the signature dish.

Hawker Chan’s signature dish

My chicken breast was perfectly cooked with flavoursome crispy skin. The sauce was drizzled over the sticky rice, making the entire dish far easier to eat with chopsticks. Unfortunately I was lucky to receive the breast as you could end up with a chicken leg instead which was mostly bone and cartilage. That is the luck of the draw but for such a low price, you may want to order double and stay away from the long queues.

If you do grow tired of eating on benches from stall holders, then I would suggest popping to Grids & Circles, not only is it the perfect place to pose for an Instagram shot. They also create a delicious array of cakes and coffees including a Malaysian Chai Latte with a unique set of spices.

Grids and Circles

Once you’ve had your coffee time and rice eating for the day, head down to the Marina Bay (it’s impossible to miss, just follow the large crowds of tourists) and grab an ice cream from J Cone. Walk across to the bay, have a seat, settle in, and watch the water show put on every evening at 8pm by the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

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