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Saturday Review: Vigor Protein Balls

I am a big fan of quick and easy snacking, especially when it’s quick and healthy. So when I got some protein balls sent through the door I was incredibly intrigued. I’ve made protein balls before but I am always looking to try new ones.

These little balls come in packs of two and are available in three flavours.

Peanut butter

I’ve never hidden my love of Peanut Butter, if anything I’ve boasted about it a lot! So when I found this flavour in my delivery box I was desperate to open it and try. The initial taste did resemble peanuts but other than that I was slightly disappointed.

The texture was incredibly dry and lacked much flavour. After the peanut taste disappeared I was left with a sour taste which I wasn’t enthusiastic about.

Lemon and Blueberry

When I opened this one I was looking forward to having a slightly refreshing snack, however that didn’t exactly pan out. The flavours were a lot more powerful in this ball, the blueberries came through after the lemon snap.

While they again had a bitter aftertaste, the initial flavourings stayed present throughout which worked better and they were more enjoyable.

Date and Cacao

This was probably my favourite, the chocolate taste worked well with the sweetness of the date. But it was guilt free due to the cacao as opposed to fatty chocolate alternatives. They didn’t have a major aftertaste like the one options and was incredibly sweet.

I was gifted the food for this review.

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