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Saturday Review: BRAVE Pea Snacks

When I was younger, I never liked peas. I don’t know why I just didn’t enjoy eating them, any other vegetable, no problem, peas? Absolutely not.

But, as with many things, that changed when I got older. I began to appreciate that peas weren’t evil, but actually good for my health. So when BRAVE contacted me to ask if I’d like to sample their pea snacks I figured why not?

BRAVE roasted peas contain more protein than cashew notes and fewer calories and less fat than popcorn. They’re a great source of complex-carbohydrates and well, they’re just packing a bunch of good stuff in them, okay.


In my lovely little box, I got to sample three very different and very tasty flavours. Sea salt, paprika and chilli and garlic and chive. In principle these flavours are all great combinations. They’re classic and work well with the peas.

The peas themselves are roasted to give them a crunch and make them smaller so they’re snack able sized.

Peas are the most environmentally sustainable source of protein on the planet. Which is why they’re such a great product. Based in the UK BRAVE harvest, roast and pack their peas within three hours of London.

Get on with it

So yes, obliviously on the surface these are great. They’re locally produced, full of flavour and healthy. Why do I love them?

Mostly because they’re like crisps yet not as moreish – so it’s possible to put them down mid-way through – they’re not a bag full of air and they’re really good.

While I do think they’re a bit pricy (£1.19rrp a pack) they’re better than crisps or other health snacks and value for money.

I was gifted the food for this review.

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