£1 - £2,  20 minutes,  Dinner

Salmon Pie

So, continuing on with my healthy streak I made a fish pie this week, I decided to try and change it up by scratching the mash potato and slicing the potatoes. It was a nice change from my usual chicken dish and was quick and easy to make, coming in at 590 calories.
£1.10    20 mins   Serves 2
All you need is
  • 50ml skimmed milk
  • 1 salmon fillet
  • 10g cheddar cheese
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • 50g frozen carrots
  • 80g potatoes
To make it just
  1. Place the salmon fillet on a low heat under the grill.
  2. Thinly slice the potatoes and add them to a pan of boiling water.
  3. They shouldn’t take very long as they’re sliced thinly sliced, once they’re soft drain them and then put them to one side.
  4. In the pan cook the carrots and again leave then drain them, whilst they’re cooking turn the salmon over so it cooks fully.
  5. Once the carrots are done drain then and place them in a casserole dish.
  6. In the pan add butter and leave to soften before adding flour and mixing to a paste, then top with milk and mix.
  7. Leave to thicken on a low heat.
  8. Whilst the sauce is thickening take the salmon out of the grill and flake then put into the casserole dish and mix with the carrots.
  9. Add the sauce to the dish before topping with potato and then topping with grated cheese and leave in the oven allowing the cheese to go crisp.
Nutritional values
Where to buy
ASDA Tesco Sainsbury’s
Skimmed milk £0.89 £1.00 £1.00
Salmon fillet £3.00 £2.50 £3.00
Cheddar cheese £2.00 £2.50 £2.50
Butter £0.80 £0.89 £0.80
Flour £0.40 £0.15 £0.50
Frozen carrots £0.77 £0.89 £0.80
Potatoes £0.89 £1.00 £1.00

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