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Resturant Review: Cosmo

COSMO have recently released their new Christmas menu, so I wandered down to Watermark in Southampton to give it a try for myself.

When I walked in I was slightly taken back by how much food was on offer, the buffet is huge serving food from all over the world.

One thing that did disappoint me was the cocktails. They were served in a jar with an incredibly sweet drink in it resembling something of a Singapore Sling but with very low alcohol and a lot of sugar.

But, we were not there for the drinks but rather the food, and my first stop was India. Cosmo offer so many culinary experiences and I was greeted by an array of curries and rices all smelling and tasting amazing.

Moving round I dove into the sushi, one of my favourite things. I was disappointed by the lack of variety on offer, there was a lot of fish-free sushi and not much actual traditional fish options. Nevertheless I still had too many plates of the delicious rice parcels.

The Chinese offerings seemed great at first until I found chips being served next to egg fried noodles it took away that sense of authenticity and replaced it with a sense of British-ness, not something I wanted from a global buffet.

This being said, the Chinese food and furthermore the Asian food in general was delightful. It was full of flavour and there was so much to choose from.

Moving onto the carvery next, I was sliced a generous portion of ham and turkey with my roast dinner. The carrots were lovely and soft but the broccoli and cauliflower were slightly hard, as with some of the Yorkshire puddings.

The potatoes while being delicious did seem odd to me, instead of being large fluffy roasties, they were in fact skin-on new potatoes chopped in half. But, they were cooked in a lovely rosemary butter which added a lot of flavour.

Finally, pudding where there was not one but two chocolate fountains, one white chocolate, the other milk. Next to them were marshmallows and gummy sweets which were covered in chocolate before being devoured.

The rest of the pudding options were great, but it seemed they hadn’t been made fresh – not surprising, since there was so many other food dishes that needed to be cooked – and when you manage to serve a delicious curry next to a Chinese dish you can be forgiven for focusing on the other culinary options.

If, however, you’re dairy-free then you will be stuck with popcorn or 3 options for fruit. I did find this a slight issue, which did extend to a slightly lacking labelling on food items throughout the buffet.

The ‘Christmas menu’ was a bit upsetting, aside from crackers on the table, there was no sign of festive food.

Having said all this, I find this restaurant so confusing, some elements were truly phenomenal and while it may not be perfection, it was authentic and more importantly it was super tasty!

If you’re looking for value for money, COSMO is worth it.

This was a gifted event.

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