Protein powders don't have to be expensive
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Protein powering your workout

Recently, I’ve started to adapt my time in the gym to focus on toning and definition rather than weight loss and cardio. I try and spend three days a week on weight training and only 1-day doing cardio (I also hate cardio, so this works better for my motivation). As a result, I found myself investigating protein powder. I was working hard but felt my definition fading often and as I’m in my final few months of University I wanted to get a little helping hand.

Isn’t protein powder expensive?

When I began looking into these powders I had no clue where to start. I found Groupon had some fantastic savings on My Protein which is ideal for someone looking to save some money.

Can’t I just eat more protein?

Yes, of course. But if you are lifting heavy amounts you may want some extra support to help maintain muscle growth. There is a reason many people who lift heavy weights use protein powder.

What if I want to get toned and defined but don’t have a gym membership?

Go and buy a resistance band. Even if you go to the gym, still buy one. They’re incredibly cheap and effective. You can use them when doing basic workouts such as squats and crunches to work your body even harder and enhance muscle growth.

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