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Oh hey Hanoi

Travelling Vietnam was an amazing experience, we started in Hanoi and made our way down the country. While this city was my least favourite, there were a few stand out food moments which I couldn’t wait to share!

Bun Cha Ta

Located on 21 Nguyen Huu Huan Street in the old quarter, this was my favourite place to eat in the city. Whilst their is a room – which I named the ‘Tourist Room’  – that all foreigners sit in, you do get to experience a more traditional way of eating.

You get a large bowl with beef broth, onion, veggies and beef chunks, spring rolls on the side with a portion of noodles and a bowl of nettles. All for under £3pp

While you’re in the city have a wander and try and find yourself some ice cream roll ups, they taste amazing and are well worth the queue. Plus, they look crazy photogenic!

Halong Bay

One of the most beautiful sites in the entire trip. This experience was second to none when it came to beauty and the food on the trip made it all the better. I booked my cruise in the city, there are plenty of different spots to book yours at, make sure you shop around for the best price.

Most cruises tend to offer the same type of food, this in particular was a fish based spread, if you have any dietary requirements they’re always happy to help as well.

A trip to Halong Bay is a must, their is so much to do their and it’s beautiful to see. I’d recommend a three day cruise if you can.

Cat Ba Island

The largest island in Halong Bay, whilst their isn’t that much to do here it is a great getaway and ideal for you if you’re wanting a few days away from the craziness of Vietnamese cities.

My Way, 49 Luong Ngoc Quyen Street

Located along the front, this is a cafe with a variety of food on the menu from traditional meals to western favourites.

I had beef noodles which packed a punch with flavour if even the noodles did remind me of super noodles from home. The curry was ideal for veggies and was portioned perfectly to avoid not finishing anything.

Oasis Bay, 49 Luong Ngoc Quyen Street

Missing home? Then pop down to Oasis, it’s filled with fellow tourists all looking for a cheap quiet drink and filling meal. Everything on the menu looks super tasty and didn’t disappoint. Go their for happy hour and enjoy a few cheap beers.

Overall, I loved Vietnam but Hanoi was not my favourite place. The city was incredibly crammed with everything seemingly in one spot. It’s hot and sticky and not as cheap as other places.  A must see but not somewhere I’d venture to again.

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