No time for breakfast? No excuse.

Breakfast is meant to be the most important meal of the day but it is one that students often neglect usually due to three reasons:

  1. We are asleep so don’t wake up in time which means we skip straight to lunch.
  2. We are running to an early morning lecture and have no spare time to eat.
  3. There isn’t a lot of selection so we don’t buy breakfast foods.

These points I feel are pathetic excuses. There are plenty of breakfast ideas which are quick and easy, we just don’t seem to be aware of them. Granted, for myself I choose to eat a lot of eggs for breakfasts, which is why below my complied list of breakfast favourites features a few egg recipes.

Breakfast muffins


Breakfast muffins are a great alternative, they an be made in the evening and kept in the fridge overnight then reheated in the morning if you’re in a rush. If you have got more time they an be made very quickly and eaten before lectures. The recipe is available on the blog.

Special flakes and yogurt


Fruit and yogurt is a great way to kick off your day. A handful of berries and mango is 2 of your 5 a day so one bowl can set you off perfectly. I’ve mixed 0% vanilla yogurt with special flakes and fruit, I posted this photo alongside other breakfast bowls on my Instagram @AmyJoannaTaylor

Spanish omelette

spanish omlete

As I said earlier I am a big fan of eggs for breakfast, they can be used in so many ways to create so many different meals. One of my favourite breakfasts is an omelette, they are quick to make and if you haven’t got many ingredients it doesn’t matter. I made a Spanish omelette for my blog a few months ago but you can just make them with cheese.

Peanut butter bites

peanut butter bites

These little bundles of joy are an absolute favourite of mine. Requiring very little preparation time and few ingredients they are ideal for students. You can make them one evening and store them in a cupboard for up to 3 days. They an also be eaten cold which means you can have them on the go, the recipe is available on the blog.

Fruit smoothie


If you have a smoothie maker or blender then smoothies are an ideal start to your mornings. They can combine fruit and nuts which are key to being healthy to make a tasty drink which will give you energy to see you through all morning. I recently wrote a blog post for a site called Just Green about the top 5 smoothie recipes for fat loss which have great recipes on.

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