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National Burger Day

Now, the cynic in you may be crying out “there is a day for everything nowadays” and yes, there may well be, but today is National Burger Day, and honestly, who doesn’t love a burger?

Whether your a traditionalist, who likes a juicy beef burger oozing in oil from every bite or someone who opts for less meat and has a satan burger or perhaps a chicken burger is more up your street, maybe one cooked in 11 herbs and spices.

Burger joints are everywhere, so whether you’re based in north or down south, I’ve rounded up my 5 ultimate places to get a burger.

1) Almost Famous Burgers, Manchester (2 other locations available)


My brother has done nothing but talk about this burger place for what feels like years, so I finally gave in and went with him for dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t not want to go, I just worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype.

Oh, how I was wrong. The burgers are huge, I mean massive! They have all sorts of toppings and can be served alongside a selection of fries – I’d highly recommend any of the dirty fries, they’re amazing.

2) Red Dog Saloon, Southampton (6 other locations available)


Ever since Red Dog popped up on the new West Quay estate in Southampton, I’ve loved going. We go there for burgers mostly but also the Brisket, because it’s bloody good. Now, however, we only go for the Brisket, mostly because they are quite poor with their allergen menus and pretty much everything has gluten in it – sucks to be me!

However, if you can enjoy a burger with the bun (bunless options are available for those with a gluten or wheat intolerance) then you won’t be disappointed, succulent meat topped with anything from chilli to Brisket (seriously, just try it, it’s worth it) to mozzarella sticks, they’ve got it all.

3) The Meat Counter, Falmouth

The Meat Counter

I love finding little independents, they just seem to care that bit more about what they’re producing. At The Meat Counter, that’s exactly how I felt. I loved every bite, from the burgers to the mac n cheese sides to the fries, everything was perfect.

I’ll admit, Cornwall, not my favourite place on earth, but for The Meat Counter, I’d happily visit it again.

4) Honest Burgers, London (29 other locations available, most in Central London)

Honest Burgers

Virtually everything here is gluten-free. Yep, that’s what I’m starting this with. Because I’m now wheat intolerant this is something I have to look out for. So when we visited Honest Burgers for my 22nd birthday, I was overwhelmed by the choices.

Honest Burgers are dotted all over London, and they are well worth visiting. The burgers may seem small in size, but they are juicy and filled with flavour. If you want a burger in the city, then go here.

5) GBK, everywhere

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Ah GBK, my old faithful favourite. When they arrived in Southampton I was thrilled, why you ask? Well, mainly because they have an app which gives you free or discounted burgers, and what’s not to love about that?

Another reason to love GBK, they do naked burgers which basically turn your seemingly unhealthy burger into a salad, appearing healthier even if it isn’t. The lamb burger is a firm favourite of mine here, but the chicken satay comes in a close second.

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