Meal Prepping Done Right

I love meal prepping, it saves time and energy and just makes life that little bit easier, especially when you are on a budget and struggling with time management.

However, many people believe meal prepping is difficult and long winded but actually it’s easy and these steps will prove it.

  1. Pick your storage method – tupperware or sandwich bags work best.
  2. Bulk cook your basics – most ingredients require vegetables and onions so grab a few onions (I use 1/4 onion per portion) and dice then fry off in a large pan. Defrost the veggies in some boiling water (I use 50g per portion)
  3. Prepare your meat – if you are using meat then cook this in bulk, if it’s red meat fry it if it’s white meat bake it. I would advice using some pulse substitutes for meat in certain meals e.g. lentils instead of mince
  4. Carb it up – I usually stick with pasta, rice and potatoes as carb additions to meals as these take longest to cook, but you can always batch cook with couscous or a wheat similar to this.
  5. Place it all together – grab your storage and portion it all up, go for the carbs as a base then place on top your onions and veggies and then finish with meat or pulses.
  6. Add some flavour – sauces are key to adding taste to your dishes. Grab a few saucepans and whip up a few different sauces I usually cook a basic tomato and herb sauce, white sauce, korma, masala and spicy red sauce.

It really is that easy to batch cook! You can do as many or as few meals as you like but you can always ensure that they are tasty and easy. Of course, another great way to batch cook is to prepare a larger dinner than usual then freeze leftovers. Some of my favourites are:

Beef Stew | Red Chicken Curry | Vegetarian Bolognese | Thai Green Curry | Egg Fried Noodles | Two Bean Chilli | Jambalya

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