Meal deals aren’t actually a deal

Meal deals have come under fire today, mainly because they’re unhealthy and overpriced.
A sandwich costs less than 50p on average to make, yet Boots, Tesco and more will all charge you over £1.50 for one. Add half-a-bag-of-air crisps and sugar-fuelled fizzy drink and you’ve got yourself an expensive unhealthy lunch.
However, before you think this is just a rant from me, it has in fact been proven that high street lunches can contain up to 30 teaspoons of sugar. An article published in The Guardian earlier this week.
Personally, I’ve always championed making your own lunch, launching my #LunchBoxInspo series of recipes a month ago. Originally, I found myself doing it just to save myself money but recently I started looking into the health effects.
Alongside being high in sugar, they’re also high in fat and salt as well. So what is being done about it? Action on Sugar has called on retailers to ban all drinks and confectionary with a red traffic light label from meal deals.
This means those sugary items won’t be available for a low price but rather sold separately. This means that fewer people will reach for the sugary items and will eat more healthy choices.
However, they will still be on the shelves, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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