Kampong Glam food district
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Kampong Glam: Singapores stylish suburb

Ahead of travelling, I was approached by Bitmojo and asked if I’d like to do a food tour around Singapore. Of course I said yes, and while the tour may have been gifted, my review of it is all my own opinion.

Bitemojo allows you take virtual food tours in various cities around the world. They’re located in Singapore, Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin and many more. You can either buy bites, food tokens that allow you to eat at one eatery, for yourself, or purchase an entire tour.

Singapore has two tour options: Kampong Glam (which we did) and Katong. As part of our tour, we got 6 bites across the area, unfortunately we didn’t manage to eat at every single location but the ones we ate at we loved.

Pita Bakerey Kampong Glam

Stop 1: The Pita Bakery

For our first bite we enjoyed pita and hummus. Our hosts were also kind enough to let us try their homemade falafel balls as well. The hummus was absolutely delicious, incredibly fresh and filled with flavour. The bread was freshly baked and still hot and while I wasn’t able to try it, my partner informed me it tasted light and fresh.

Stop 2: Ratu Lemper

A mini sticky rice parcel with a chicken filling, these were rather odd tasting and I’m not sure if I’d say I enjoyed them. However, it was interesting to try something authentic and the bakery were more than happy to talk us through the options and flavours available to us.

Stop 3: Istanbul Grill’s and Café

Vegan filled vine leaves and Arabian spring rolls which were full of flavour and surprised me with how the small size left us feeling comfortably full. We got to try both options and the spring rolls stood out slightly more than the vine leaves.

Stop 4: Dong Po Colonial Café

Kopi O Coffee and Kaya Toast is something you will see a lot in Singapore. Kaya toast is often served with Kopi, it usually comes black with lots of sugar or condensed milk. Kaya itself is a traditional jam made from coconut and eggs, it’s sandwiched between two slices of bread alongside some cold butter and served. I’ll admit, I was not a fan of Kaya Toast, the flavours didn’t sit right with me at all. The Kopi however was something I could definitely get on board with.

We were unable to visit the other two stops on our tour due to a Singapore thunderstorm rolling in causing us to take shelter for a while.

Overall, I found the Bitemojo experience incredibly enjoyable, we were able to explore an area of the city we probably wouldn’t have found. We enjoyed some delicious food all included and learned about the background of each bite and the area itself.

This was a gifted experience but views are my own.

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