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Everyday thousands of us use Instagram to view photographs of all sorts, including food. When you are on a diet and trying to loose weight Instagram can be a great way of finding recipes and fellow dieters to share photos with.

A Facebook users is trying to make those who work hard at eating healthy, feel bad about it. A page titled ‘#StopSlimmingWorld2k16’ is making fun of those who post pictures online which may not look that appealing.

Unlike most people online who try to encourage others to loose weight, this campaign is aimed at doing the exact opposite. Snaps of peoples partners making them food has sparked outrage from viewers. But frankly who cares!

The Daily Mail – yes I know, but go with me – posted an article last month all about the campaign and showed the photographs displayed under this hashtag. Yes, I agree some of the food doesn’t look appealing but we aren’t all Michelin-starred chefs so what is to be expected?

These people are trying to loose weight and post there success online for motivation from others.

What may seem unappealing to some, to one it’s a diet plan and a new way of life. Whilst they may not be world class photographers they’re snapping pictures on their phones of their dinner, because they’re proud and want to share it with the world.

Slimming World, Weight Watchers and Make Your Switch are 3 large weight loss companies who all have social media accounts and try to promote user generated content through this to motivate their users.

They all have huge followings and from the comments by their followers it is clear their Instagram posts are inspirational. So, whilst there maybe a few people  who don’t support this new trend there are still many who do.

To see someone create something which doesn’t look gourmet but is still a decent attempt at a healthy meal we shouldn’t shun them. Instead we should be supporting one another.

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