Inspirational Ladies in the Foodie World

So today is International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating women’s achievements throughout history. With that in mind, I thought I’d draw some attention to some female foodie bloggers that have inspired me over the past few years.

Breakfast by Bella

Jessica is the founder of BBB, the first company to work with me as a blogger, it was an incredible moment in my blogging life and helped build my confidence. BBB has grown from an online-only granola selling enterprise to having her own deli!

Maverick Baking

Kelly is one of the funniest foodie bloggers I know, she doesn’t take anything too seriously and her YouTube is amazing especially her food battles. Her blog is filled with delicious baking recipes some healthy some not but all look mouthwatering.

Looking Through Rose Tinted Glasses

Calli is a foodie, but her blog also focuses on other important issues, including mental illness. She’s always so supportive of my site on social media and has given me so much help to navigate the world on food blogging.

A Balanced Belly

Jenna is such an amazing woman, she has helped so much to teach me about PR and how it all works. She is also a journalist and discusses lots of different issues across her sites. She’s always willing to help others grow their blogs and support them.

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