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Home Brewtique, the ultimate home brew

When I want to try a new beer I usually head down to the local supermarket, which has a great selection of craft beers and ciders. They’re normally quite cheap and I try to pick up different types everytime I go but after awhile I wanted something different. That’s where home brewtique comes in.

When you start a home project then most of the time, it’s all you can think about. You want to get it right and I for one, love the process of creating anything of your own, having creative control if you will.

I, for time constraint reasons, wanted to try the beer before I bought the whole product. I got an ale and a IPA through the post to try so I could get a good idea of the type of end product I could be looking at if I get the process right.

Both products were, as I had an inkling, they would be . The ale was dark and earthy, something to be expected from a homebrew kit and the IPA was, once again, as to be expected. It was a classic IPA taste.

I truly believe homebrew kits are great. I think the process for beer lovers to create their own is something that every person should do. To get a feeling of creating their own variation of something they love is great.


I’m happy enough to spend the money to buy the kit, spend the time to brew my own and spend my time drinking it just as fast as the ones I buy from the supermarket. It’s good quality but you need to believe in the process and stave off the need to go and pick your own normal pack from the supermarket.


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