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Get active with CherryActive

Normally I’m not a fan of squash, I find often it’s incredibly sweet and full of nasties and I’d rather save my sugar intake for something edible.

However, CherryActive’s concentrated juice isn’t like many other juices, in fact, it’s actually rather good for you. In fact, CherryActive is full of antioxidants. One glass is equal to 23 portions of fruit and veg, so if you struggle to get your 5-a-day this is a great way to start.

So what does all this mean? Well, thanks to the super juice that’s created from concentrated montmorency cherry juice it aids gout, arthritis, insomnia and aid exercise recovery. Montmorency Cherries are classed as a ‘superfood’ therefore it’s juices can help our bodies repair and restore.

But what does it actually taste like? Sweet and sharp. With the natural sweetness of the cherries yet their sharpness adds another level to this drink. Ideal if you want to jazz up your water.

I would say this isn’t a drink you could have all day everyday. One glass a day is delicious but you don’t want to over indulge in it. Which is great as once opened this juice can stay fresh for three months so long as it’s in the fridge.

And the fridge is probably the best place for it, this juice is definitely best enjoyed cold. But not only mixed with water. Try blizting it into your smoothie, add some low fat yogurt, a serving of CherryActive and some berries before blending and enjoying.

Overall, I really enjoyed this juice, as someone who normally avoids it, I will be grabbing this every morning from now on.

Try it for yourself, CherryActive is available online.

I was gifted the food for this review.

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