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Forget Paris, head to Basel!

It’s nearly that time again. Children are breaking up from school and the summer rush to go on holiday is just about to start.

It’s good to step outside your comfort zone, visit new places and get away from the crowds.

This can sometimes be expensive, but with a vast amount of websites offering great deals, booking a summer holiday doesn’t need to be a stressful process.

If a beach holiday isn’t for you and you want to walk around a beautiful city for a few days then it’s worth remembering: you don’t need to go on the same place(s) every year.

Head away from the regular trips to Paris and Barcelona and somewhere that sparks conversation.

Basel is one of those places.

Situated in the north-west of Switzerland is a stunning city that many don’t venture to. The third most populated city in the country and is built around the Rhine river many would struggle to tell you what country it’s in, let alone where it is…

But Basel has, like many other cities, so much to offer in terms of food, architecture and of course, weather.

However, many people don’t venture to Basel because it doesn’t have the same tourist label as the likes of Paris, Amsterdam or Berlin.

Even during its hottest months, Basel is far from a crowded city. Unlike the business mecca of Geneva and the government orientated Bern, Basel offers a more scenic, picturesque and relaxed atmosphere.

People take things slower, there’s no rush to have a good time. A simple amble down the banks of the Rhine with a beer or ice-cream is welcomed.

Many will bask in the sunshine while dipping their feet into the, very clean, Rhine and some will even go in for a swim, allowing the current to whisk them downriver before getting out and drying off.

The city itself can offer an array of different shopping opportunities. From quaint boutique stores to the established, well respected, Swiss brands that everybody has heard of. Basel has a budget for everyone.

Even though, in comparison to the Eurozone, it can be expensive for certain items, the higher price is regularly exchanged for higher quality products.

One massive element that the city prides itself on is it’s cleanliness. Litter is non-existent and the streets are immaculately clean. There are even public water fountains which provide drinking water so during the summer. you can always get a refill.  

It’s a practical, logical, smart city that retains its classic culture with sprouts of modern day initiatives blossoming in little pockets. It’s not busy, not overly tourist orientated and has so much to offer.

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