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Antwerp’s Food Offerings

So, for those of you who follow my social media accounts you’ll notice I have been posting a lot of pictures of the beautiful Belgium city Antwerpen. Why? Because ladies and gentlemen. I am now officially Belgian – well not exactly, but I will be living amongst actual Belgians. Much to the shock of my family I packed up my wardrobe placed my belongings in a suitcase and travelled with my partner two and a half hours to the city. Shortly we will be joined by a mutual friend.

Let’s get down to the important thing. The food. Our first few days here were spent exploring the city and what local cuisine was on offer.  What did grab our attention was the Italian restaurants. Sure there are Italian places to eat in England but what was it like in Belgium? Well amazing. La Lanterna, Leopoldplaats 6 filled us up on our first evening. Only setting us back 27 euros, we received a large Mediterranean topped pizza for the other half, a salmon and cream sauce pasta for myself and a bottle of water each.

What did shock me when ordering was that if we’d both opted for beer instead of water we would have saved 7 euros! A rooky mistake and one we do not intend on making again.

The food was amazing though, the pasta dish is on my Instagram for you to have a drool at, the fish was incredibly fresh and I’m told the pizza was amazing. To compliment our dishes we were given chilli oil, garlic oil and parmesan, all of which accentuated the flavours already on the plate.

Whilst this was a delightful treat, after a while eating out becomes expensive so, to Lidl we went to do our first weekly food shop. Due to funds being smaller than one would have appreciated we set a target 15 euros for the shop. We smashed it. Left Lidl with a full bag of food and only 10.65 euros lighter.

Just to roughly translate our receipt we purchased; spaghetti, 2 ltrs semi-skimmed milk, chocolate shells, chopped basil, 3 boxes of passata, tinned carrots and peas, 6 ltrs of water, 2 boxes of cereal bars and a tube of toothpaste. Evidence of our food shop is here, check it out for youself

Whilst dinner and breakfast this week are going to be repetitive, they’ll be filling and slightly nutritious. At the moment it’s the best we could come up with, once we are settled I plan on finding certain ingredients to ensure we are having a protein, fibre and vitamin rich diet.

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