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Finding a freebie

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Over the past few years, I have worked tirelessly to ensure I never pay full price unless I have to. I know that may seem a bit extreme, but it’s true and it works.

Often before a day spent out shopping or going out for food I will sit and search for freebies or discount codes beforehand, to try and save money at every turn.

There are so many websites out there which offer great discounts and offers on whatever it is you need. It’s not just days out either, holidays, flights, theatre tickets, you name it, and there is a discount code for it.

Of course being a student, I’m lucky enough to already receive discounts at many retailers online and instore. However, since that is coming to an end soon (sob) I’ve been busy looking for other places which offer discounts to everyone, regardless of student status.

Since that student status has been retired, I’ve had to look for jobs. While I cannot afford a car, I can afford a bike to help me get to work quickly. I found Cheap Bikes UK offer great discounts, but before you go buying a bike, be sure you have somewhere to store it – as I learnt the hard way.

However, when you finish work on a Friday (or rather Fri-Yay) there’s nothing better than sitting down, relaxing with a glass of wine and listening to an old record.

I tend to buy vinyl from they’re super affordable and have a great selection. This way I can save money on new-ish music and buy a nicer bottle of wine.

The moral of this story folks, whatever you want to buy, shop around first and see what discounts and freebies are available already online.

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