Faith Toogood – The Interview

Faith Toogood; nutritionist, mother and ambassador for Make Your Switch. With a strong fascination in the human body Faith grew specifically interested in the role that food plays in enhancing health and healing our bodies.

Her cupboards are always full of weird and wonderful ingredients “I always have several jars of nut and seed butter. Usually one of peanut butter, pumpkin seed butter and some almond butter. I love these on toast, crackers, dips and on porridge –
especially the almond butter.

IMG_1027.JPGI also have loads of lentils, beans, onions, coconut milk, spices, chopped tomatoes, pasta, rice, bouillon stock, nuts/seeds ( a big tub of these!), quinoa (although my husband isn’t quite a convert yet!), honey from my parents garden, tinned sardines/tuna/salmon and loads of herbs and spices.  Of course also, loads of fruit and veg but I try as much as possible to eat seasonal fruit and veg (veg is easier than fruit!). There is always a bean/lentil curry/stew that can be made from my cupboard, even at its most bare!”

Alongside being a nutritionist Faith also focuses on general fitness. 5 years ago she worked with ITV in Dubai on a wellness programme. This is where she met Make Your Switch founder Emma Kenny.

“We got on really well, were on a similar wavelength in terms of health and wellness. When Emma told me about her vision, I could immediately see the enormous potential and how amazing it could be. So I left my job as  specialist bariatric surgery dietitian, and took the leap to move to Switch with Emma as the Nutrition Ambassador.banner_home_team.jpg

“I have been involved with Make Your Switch for two and a half years now. I feel very privileged to have been involved from the early days and the evolution of the Make Your Switch nutrition area was an amazing journey to be a part of.”

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