Duvet Reading: Sugar, Local Food and Nancy Tucker

It’s been some-what of an eventful week, with politics, podcasting and pie. So let’s dive straight into this weeks duvet reading.

What’s gone on in the world?

This week the world seemed consumed in politics with leaders meeting at the World Economic Forum. But instead of focusing on that, I want to discuss an important health issue.

Charity Action on Sugar have called for a 20% sugar tax of all confectionary (crisps, sweets etc) saying they are the second biggest source of sugar for children following soft drinks. They also want to ban promotions of ‘sharing bags’ after finding many adults and children have sharing bags to themselves, we’ve all done it, but these discounts make them cheaper than the individual packs which are smaller with less sugar.

They hope by increasing the prices there will be a 6% drop in the amount of people buying high sugar items. Action on Sugar found sugar content could be as high as 29 teaspoons in certain chocolate bars. While the Government have said they will act on this, nothing seems to have happened yet.

Where did I venture too?

As part of my final major University project I am investigating local food produce in Hampshire, so this week I went along to Hampshire Fare’s Local Produce Show. It was truly amazing, I ate so much incredible food and found that local produce truly is amazing.

It did get me thinking about the importance of eating local produce, one thing that was clear is that in Hampshire there is an incredible amount of quality local produce going unnoticed. Which is why in March I will be launching my #LiveLocal campaign to try and encourage you lot to shop locally. Anything special you want to see? Drop a comment below.

What I ate?

This week I have been incredibly lazy when it came to food. We did a bunch of meal prep on Sunday making up couscous box meals and had those virtually every night so not much actually cooking has taken place.

But one thing I did cook which was amazingly simple yet delicious was my fish finger sandwich, yes it seems odd but my gosh was it delicious.

All you need is: 1 tbsp. butter/4 fish fingers/1 tsp tartar sauce/handful of lettuce/2 slices of wholemeal bread

To make it just: Place the fish fingers in the oven and cook according to packet. Once cooked butter the bread, add some tartar sauce for flavour and lettuce for that green goodness. Then add your fish fingers and you’re good!

What I read

I’ve never been very good at reading autobiographies I don’t find them as interesting, but this year I was determined to start, so I decided to ease in gently with Nancy Tucker’s The Time In Between: A Memoir of Hunger and Hope. A book which explores a young girls struggle with an eating disorder.

The incredible thing about this book is that while you read it you almost forget it’s autobiographical. The way she tells the story brings you into her world and allows you to explore her journey with her. Apart from Nancy, no other characters her names but are addressed due to their relationship with her. We have Mother, Father, Sister and an array of Friends.

Unlike many eating disorder books and shows this is by far the truest representation I’ve encountered.  There is no miracle moment, but rather just a moment when things start to change, less of a switch more of a gentle awakening. She explores this in detail and takes you on her journey from healthy to starvation to purging to healthy.

What went online

The second podcast in the series went live, featuring an interview with Mob Kitchen.

This weeks recipe had a Greek theme with my take on gyros which cost under 50p per person.

I’m back at it with YouTube and posted my 3 ingredient banana biscuit recipe.

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