Leafy greens

Do you eat your greens?

How often do you have something green on your plate? Everyday? Once a week? Well, one in twenty Brits haven’t eaten their greens in over a month.

Research conducted by Organic UK surveyed 1500 adults and found 68% haven’t put anything green on their plate in over a week.

Despite experts telling us to eat a diet rich in leafy vegetables, the average adult is still only consuming three of their recommended five a day.

Leafy vegetables do of course have lots of health benefits they protect bones, prevent inflammatory diseases and can be cancer-preventing.

So why are so many of us not eating our greens?

Aileen Nicol, Campaign Director at Organic UK said “We were astonished at the results of this poll which show that a large proportion of Brits are clearly not getting enough fresh, organic foods in their diets.

“The fact that almost 40% of the average dinner plate is beige in colour is worrying, as there are so many benefits of a diet rich in organic proteins and vegetables, not to mention the positive impact choosing organic has for animal welfare and the environment.”

It’s no wonder 13% of those polled said their diets made them unhappy, 35% of British dinner plates are beige, made up of white starchy carbs like chips, pasta and potatoes.

Aileen added that “Our Organic ‘Feed Your Happy’ campaign aims to show how easy it is to eat food which makes you feel good, as well as tasting great, and with Organic September upon us what better time to give organic a go”.

Eating organic isn’t something everyone seems to be doing, but 67% did say they prefer to eat organic and 76% do think about where their food comes from.

It seems there is a small element of hope that organic and green food may start to make its way onto the British dinner table soon, but how long will we have to wait?

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