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Ditch the takeaway this weekend

Every Friday and Saturday night so many of us sit down and decide what takeaway we fancy be it a curry, Chinese or pizza.

These are usually expensive and unhealthy so why not do it yourself? Below are my favourite fakeaways perfect for your weekend.



This red chicken curry isn’t too hot or too plain, it’s just right. Swap the chicken out for chickpeas for a cheaper and vegetarian option. Perfect for all of the family to tuck into, enjoy with some rice. Full recipe.


Add some protein and creativity to your kitchen this weekend with this amazing egg fried noodle dish! Incredible quick to put together and tasty. Add some chicken if you want to bulk it up a bit. Full recipe.


Oh yes, healthy kebabs exist and they’re not cooked with chicken but actual lamb mince! This is one of my favourite recipes. Full recipe.



Swapping your pizza base for a wrap makes it healthier and crispy, open this out and top it with your favourite or wrap it up and have it as pizza rolls or enjoy as a calzone. Full recipe.


Finally we have the burger, however you enjoy it, it’s a beloved treat. When it comes to burgers I feel there are three key choices; veggie, chicken and beef. I enjoy mine with onion rings, courgette fries or wedges.


  1. Chickpea burger, perfect for veggies this burger is filled with goodness, enjoy it with loads of salad and some spicy slaw. Full recipe.
  2. Chicken burger, marinaded chicken adds flavour to this burger, top with pineapple for sweetness and onions. Full recipe.
  3. Chilli cheese burger, one of my first recipes, this burger is as tasty now as it was two years ago!  Full recipe.

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