Christchurch in 3 days
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Christchurch in 3 days

An earthquake hit Christchurch in 2011, since then the city has been working on rebuilding itself. There is a sense of family within this city, everyone coming together to support each other.

While Christchurch maybe the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, it’s compact nature makes it more like a large town. Don’t let this put you off though, there are plenty of wonderful things to see, do and more importantly eat.

Just bear in mind when travelling New Zealand, things to do cost more here. Everything is charged in New Zealand Dollar.

Where to eat

The Rockpool Bar, 85 Hereford Street

This pub has a great range of Gluten Free products with all sandwiches available with GF bread. I opted for the open top steak sandwich which was absolutely delicious. Plus at $18 (£9.40) it came with chips and no disappointments.

Friday Street Food Market, Cathedral Square

If you manage to visit Christchurch on the weekend, then the Friday night Street Food Market is a must. Just outside of Main Street, you will find a wide array of stalls selling; Egyptian doughnuts, bratwursts, spring rolls and spicy pork stir fry. All under $10 (£5.22), with the added bonus of a live band to keep you entertained.

Unknown Chapter Coffee Roasters, 254 St Asaph Street

While this place saybe cast as a coffee roasters, their brunch menu is not to be overlooked.

$20 (£10.40) for eggs benedict may seem a  bit steep, that’s about average for New Zealand. I ordered extra hash browns which I’d highly reccomend.

Where to have coffee

C4 Coffee Co, 278 Tuam Street

C4 know their coffee, they roast it in house and have a full hipster vibe.
Set inside an old warehouse, the café meets the roasters in one large space. The grinders sit opposite the bar and you can purchase your own beans, as well as getting a delicious cup of coffee and a little treat.
I’d recommend the peanut butter cookie to enjoy with your drinks.

C1 Espresso, Old Post and Telegraph Office Building, 185 High Street

This was quite possibly the best café I visited in the whole of New Zealand. Your sliders are delivered to your table via pneumatic tubes which journey across the ceiling and along the walls. Pre-warning they won’t serve you skinny milk, because they believe full-fat tastes better. I’d suggest you order the sliders to get a bit of everything, including the succulent lamb burger.

What to do

Botanical Gardens, Rolleston Avenue

When the sun comes out the botanical gardens is an ideal place to take a stroll or sit and read with a book.

With plants, flowers and architecture coming together to create stunning art pieces, its a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy a bit of peace.

185 White Chairs, Cashel Street

This art exhibition was installed to honour and remember the 185 people who lost their lives due to the 2011 earthquake.

The installation is of 185 chairs, each one to represent each victim, from babies to mothers to grandparents. Put in place by the community, you’re invited to sit on a chair and reflect on what happened.

The installation in opposite the temporary cathderal.

Alice in Videoland, 209 Tuam Street

Reminisent of a classic movie theatre, this place has hundreds of films as well as two cinema screens showing the latest releases.

Each film in their library is hand picked by workers and vicorously researched to decide if it’s worthy additions to their collection.

Tickets come in at $17 (£8.80) an adult to watch a film at this independent cinema.

I visited Christchurch 29th October – 2nd November 201. Prices are correct as of these dates.

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