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Choccies worth the calories

I won’t lie, when fellow food blogger Calli Kitson informed me World Chocolate Week was a real thing I almost dropped my phone (we were, in true blogger form, talking through Twitter means). So I instantly started sampling as many chocolate brands as possible and here are some of my favs.

1. Kennard Chocolates

These little chocolates are truly unique, with a diverse range of flavours they truly are exciting. In this box is: Triple Espresso – moulded in the shape of a nespresso capsule, this has a smooth coffee aftertaste and contains thick chocolate in the centre. Spice fruit up – this is a definite Christmas chocolate with flavourings of a Christmas cake. Smooth caramel – it’s thick and fudgy, whilst it lacks sweetness it is tasty. Peanut butter – its a peanut butter chocolate truffle. Need I say more?

2. Betty’s

Possible my favourite chocolates ever. This brand has been around since 1919 and has perfected there chocolates. With cafes as well as delivery services this brand is a great all rounded. Salted caramel – these were insanely good. Solid on the outside and oozing with salted caramel instead. Chocolate truffles – these tasted great once you got a bite inside, but for me their is slightly too much cocoa dust on the outside.





3. New York Cheesecake KitKat

So I wanted to add a choccie bar which I found interesting but is also available on the high street. I had to try this after watching fellow foodie Maverick Baking review this bar on her YouTube I had to try. It’s a great chunky bar filled with flavour. With smooth taste and crunchy bite it’s a new favourite of mine.


4. Arapina

I’ll be brief here as this brand is a new favourite of mine and I will be profiling them later this week on the blog. Arapina, much like Betty’s it’s a brand which delivers amazing chocolates as well as having it’s own cafe in London. I loved their chocolate coated nuts they’re dairy free but who could tell?!?!


5. Whittard – Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a huge Peanut Butter fan! I just love it. So when I found out Whittard were releasing a Peanut Butter hot chocolate for Halloween I had to have it. And that’s exactly what I did. It’s packed with flavour, it’s incredibly intense and bold. I love the packaging and it’s the perfect treat for World Chocolate Week.


I was gifted some of the food for this review.

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