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Cheeky CHIKA’S Snack Time

I have to admit, when a parcel came to my door from CHIKA’S containing Chickpea Crisps, West African Peanuts and Honey Spiced Almonds, I was incredibly intrigued. Having never tried anything like this before I welcomed my new snacks into the kitchen.

To give you a bit of background, CHIKA’S is inspired by the founder’s West African heritage, the snacks offer a healthier alternative for mid meal munching.

All options are natural, gluten free and GMO free, from the hand-picked and individually selected plantains to the hand toasted peanuts all prepared by hand. This company do not compromise on quality.

So what are the products actually like?

Chickpea crisps smoked chilli,  £1.79 for 35g

Never have I ever had chickpea crisps. I have to admit though, they weren’t as bad as I thought. If anything they tasted a bit nice. They had a delicious smoky aftertaste with a hint of lemon – which is strange as their is no lemon used to make the crisps.

The texture is incredibly dry, they have a nice snap which sound odd but no one wants a soggy bag of crisps.

I do feel that they’re rather pricy for what they are, the packet was finished in under 2 minutes and unfortunately like many packets of crisps the bag was half empty.

Honey spiced almonds, £2.19 for 45g 

These were my favourite products from the range, they’re sweet and spicy and just up my street. Whilst yes, they are pricy I didn’t eat a whole pack in one go, mostly because they’re really spicy.

The flavour is very odd, your first bite in sweet then it starts to go spicy and develop until your mouth feels on fire for a few seconds then cools. If you’re a fan of spice, then you’ll like them.

My least favourite part of this bag was the content, their weren’t many in there and the honey coating makes them incredibly sticky.

West African peanuts, 140g for £3.59

I have to admit, until the day I tried these I though peanuts were peanuts. However, these have proved me wrong, they’re incredibly Moorish and luckily the large bag satisfies this.

They’re incredibly salty which adds to the flavour and the skin on gives a great texture.

They did have a slightly unpleasant aftertaste but that didn’t stop me going back for more. If you’re looking for a tasty and easier snack option then this is a winner.

Fancy trying CHIKA’S for yourself? Shop online now.

I was gifted the food for this review.

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