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Cabana Cocktails with Soton Bloggers

Summer seems to mean one thing, cocktails! I do realise lately this blog seems to be hosting lots of cocktail-related, but when I was invited down to Cabana to have dinner and drinks with fellow bloggers, I couldn’t resist.

So please excuse the bombardment of booze on this site, but I do want to share my foodie experience with you guys, as it was a very mixed one this time.

I’ve been to Cabana once before, I had a burger with coleslaw and chips I loved the coleslaw but nothing else seemed to really stand out. However, I was willing to try again.

Bored of reading? Watch my review instead!

The drinks

To start with I had a Long Island Iced Tea, whenever I try a new cocktail place I usually start with this as it tends to contain the most booze but also everywhere put their own spin on it.

I found this cocktail to be weak and a bit flavourless, given that it’s mean to be filled with all the alcohol it just tasted flat.

My second cocktail was a Jungle Fever, and it completely restored my faith in Cabana’s cocktail making skills. It was sweet and tasty with just the right hint of booze to fizz to sugar. Oh, and it also came with a jelly snake.

Jungle Fever
Jungle Fever at Cabana


While part of me wished I’d had the cheesy dough balls – mostly because they were gluten free – the cheese lover in me went for halloumi. The chilli dipping sauce was thick and had a good sweet kick to it to compensate the spice.

Who doesn’t love some cheese for starters?


Cabana salad
Not the best salad I’ve ever had, I think that’s fair to say

I opted for salad, I had The Super Salad with prawns. I was not impressed. The prawns were stuck on the wooden skewer and the salad had no dressing, was mostly iceberg lettuce with a few slices of avocado and mango.

Looking around the table, it seemed I was the only one with a not-so-tasty main. Everyone elses food looked fabulous, especially the grills.


Cabana puddings
The best wheat free chocolate cake I’ve had!

I’ve never had a gluten-free pudding. So when I saw the chocolate cake was ‘dense but gluten-free’ I had to give it a go. Yes, it was dense, but oh my did it taste good. With a sugar hit and smooth caramel sauce, it was a fabulous wheat free pudding.


As a whole, this was a bit hit and miss for me. The dishes that tasted good were amazing, the dishes that tasted bad were tasteless. However, value for money? I’d give it a big tick.

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