Teso cut best-before dates
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Bye bye best-before: Tesco ditch guidance labels

Supermarket giant Tesco are making the news again, this time due to ditching best-before labels across 116 lines of fresh produce, in an effort to reduce food waste.

Research published by the supermarket chain on Monday found that 69% of shoppers believed scrapping the best-before dates were a good idea.

Last month Tesco, alongside several other major supermarkets and manufacturers agreed to up efforts to drive down food waste by halving waste from farm to fork by 2030.

They’re also working with suppliers to find more ways to use as much of their crop as possible, this includes allowing wonky and imperfect fruit and veg into the aisles and creating new products with edible food, unattractive food.

With £13bn of edible food being thrown away from UK homes every year, it’s no wonder Tesco and other supermarkets are doubling their efforts to drive down food waste.

If you’re worried about whether or not this will affect your food, then fear not, Tesco are certain there are no issues around safety and labelling on fish, dairy, meat and poultry will remain the same.

The supermarket hopes that by removing the best-before labels, shopping will become less confusing and prevent unnecessary food waste.

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