Blueberry muffins actually contain more sugar than you think

Wrong. News broke yesterday that the humble blueberry muffin can contain as much as sugar as your recommended daily allowance.

Research conducted by Action on Sugar alongside Obesity Health Alliance they found that some blueberry muffins can contain up to 10 teaspoons of sugar.

This is over the seven teaspoons that are recommended daily.

The worst offender was Costa coffee whose 122g muffin contained 10 teaspoons of the crystal. The lowest was M&S who had only 3 teaspoons of sugar but is just over half the size.

Given that 18% of the food we eat in the UK is consumed outside of our homes, more needs to be done to uncover what exactly is in the food we buy.

The research looked at companies which tended to be situated inside train stations. This is an important case study as most commuters buy these high sugary muffins with their morning coffee.

While supermarkets have had to adopt the traffic light system on packaging to indicate foods which are high in sugar, salt and fat, cafes don’t have to add this as the muffins are purchased without packaging.

Until all products have the traffic light system, people will continue to purchase secretly unhealthy foods. The best solution currently is to make your muffins and eat them on-the-go.

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