Back To The University Life

After three long and work enduring months I am officially a final year student. It’s been a long three years but I made, how I do not know.

However, I made it and this little blog did to! Originally created to prove to my parents that I can feed myself at University. This blog has become a true passion and hopefully inspired a few people to eat well on a budget.

Going to University can be a bit daunting whether you’re a first or final year student, getting back into the routine can be hard. Especially when it comes to food. Many of us spend the summer at home being cooked for by mum so standing in Asda with an empty basket can feel a bit strange.

Fear not, here are my handy tips to get back into the University life

1) Order a big food shop online for delivery

There is nothing worse than trudging back from your local supermarket with arms full of heavy bags of food you probably won’t ever cook or eat but that looked nice in the shop.

So instead, order a shop online, that way you can only buy what you really need and can effectively stock your cupboards to the max without carrying bags.

2) Batch cook a bunch of meals

Order your food shop for the morning then spend the rest of your day batch cooking a bunch of freezer meals. You’ll want easy to grab food which is quick and fuss free.

A few of my favourite batch cook meals are: chicken curry, two bean chilli, lentil curry and pork goulash.

3) Up your water intake

If like me you’re heading into your final year, you may find yourself needing to recover from a night out a lot quicker than before due to having more work to do.

A great way to feel better after a night out – or after a late night staring at a computer screen – is to drink water. It repairs your body and makes you feel brighter.

Are you heading back to university this year? Or maybe you’re a first year student moving away from home for the first time. Let me know over on Twitter @IPreferCooking

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