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6 hours in Brussels

6 hours in Brussels or Bruxelles was difficult. It’s an amazingFile_000.jpeg city full of beautiful side streets, restaurants, cafes and architecture for you to enjoy. If you go to visit this city and you have more time on your hands use it, explore what this Belgian city can offer you, but remember it is a capital city things are going to be slightly more expensive.

We kicked off the afternoon with a visit to Greek Restaurant, we chose Plaka. For €8 I had a delicious and vitamin fuelled chicken salad. Slice of stunningly flavoured herb chicken on top of a mixed leaf, tomato, cucumber and red onion salad. It did come with jalapenos and black olives but they were quickly removed from my plate. Salad available on my Instagram.

Next we went to a beer museum which was strange and small, but for €5 we learnt the history of Belgian beer and had a half pint of Blonde beer (the boys had the dark beer option).
File_001.jpegMacaroons seemed to mysteriously appear in front of me next, one orange and one passion fruit. 2 for €2 the cheapest macaroons I’ve found so far in Belgium. They were found in Delices Du Roy. They were tasty and crumbly, soft and elegant. Basically, they were macaroons. Lovely as always and a total treat.

Now we get onto the main event, the bonus of the entire trip. This is byFile_002.jpeg far my favourite experience of my entire time spent in Belgium. In the Galerie de la Reine are many lovely shops. One of which is l’Atelier de Neuhaus, next door to the main and large Neuhaus shop. l’Atelier de Neuhaus is a small shop with a single chocolatier who creates hand crafted chocolates every day fresh in store.

The chocolatier works with melted chocolate made of over 60% cocoa so the end result is full flavoured chocolate. The prices vary greatly from ice cream for €4 to hot chocolate beans and a mug for €15 and much more more.

I purchased a dark chocolate bar topped with rFile_004.jpegaspberries and meringue which I would highly recommend fora respectable €5, however, on my way out the chocolatier let me test the white chocolate and dark chocolate moose. This is highly recommended and tasted insane.

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