Age wine

A good wine gets better with age

Cheese, steak and wine, they all get better with age. Left alone to relax, mature and femented, make them taste even better than before.

So I gave myself time away. 2 months in fact. During which time I travelled over 18,000km, this trip was by no means meant to be an opportunity for me to ‘find myself’ mostly because I spent four years at University doing this. However, as it turns out, flying to the other side of the world can have the same revelations as getting yourself into over £21,000 worth of debt and ruining your liver with booze.

I didn’t do too many steryotypical backpacker things, mostly because New Zealand is far to beautiful to be ruined by booze and given how far apart everything is, you need a clear head to drive most mornings. Therefore, I spent my time travelling thinking, thinking about 2019, what I want to do and where I plan on going.

Currently, I’m sat in my second-cousins front room in Adelaide, drinking a T2 strawberry tea and waiting to finish binge watching Billions. Weather aside, I seem to have settled back into my pre-travelling routine quite nicely. But I refuse to sit still for much longer. A list has already been made for the places to travel and the tasks to accomplish – most of which I am sure will not be done, but we can all dream right?

Hopefully by the end of the year I will have created many new recipes to share with all, influenced from my time eating around Australisia and South East Asia. I will have finally put pen-to-paper so to speak and finished a book. More importantly, I would have decided what it is I plan to do in this world.

Why do I feel all this will happen? Because I aged. Much like my favourite blue cheese, I sat and stewed and femented until I decided what I wanted. I never used to believe in taking time away and finding yourself etc, but something did happen while I was away with my laptop only being used to watch Brooklyn 99. I realised I missed writing. I felt envious of authors when I read there books because they got to do what I wanted to.

That’s when I decided to get off my ass and use my laptop for something useful. While I should have done this a few days ago, I instead choose to lounge by the pool with a glass of Gin and gorge of cheese. Now the cheese is finished and I can’t stomach another dirnk, it’s time to write.

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