14 days of Blogmas: What’s Happening

So we have less 14 days left until it’s officially Christmas! With that in mind, I’ve created my 14 days of Blogmas, 14 posts to see you through this festive time of year, taking you through Christmas up to the New Year, including tips on keeping the costs down, homemade present ideas – because we all know money can be difficult towards the end of December – and of course, festive recipes and reviews of products which can help you this Christmas.

So to begin with I thought I would just share a few tips which will help keep your blogmas dinner table cheap and tasty.

  1. Shopping list – I know I bang on about this a lot, but planning before you go shopping can save you so much time and money. Your Christmas food shop will probably be more expensive than your usual weekly shop mostly because you’ll be buying more treats than usual and feeding more mouths. So decide on your menu, are you going traditional or doing somethings differently? Work out your menu for the day including how much you want to make yourself and then note down all ingredients needed before heading to the shops.
  2. Don’t exhaust yourself – when it comes to Christmas dinner, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a few pre-made bits. Such as sausage rolls, pigs in blankets and sauces. While the idea of cooking an entire Christmas dinner from scratch may seem nice, when it comes to it it’s an incredibly big task to undertake so to avoid stressing out in the kitchen all day, just save yourself some time and get a few pre-made bits.
  3. Prepare food – have a look at what can be made before the day and try and get as much prep done as possible in the lead-up. A great way to do this includes cutting your vegetables the placing them in the fridge or freezer then al you have to do is boil and roast them. This counts for potatoes as well, but place them in water to store in the fridge.

Christmas isn’t meant to be a time for struggling and stressing but rather a time for enjoyment so plan, prep and make sure to check back for my blogmas posts

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