14 days of Blogmas: New Years Eve Menu

Who doesn’t love New Years Eve? It’s the final part of the year when it’s acceptable – and encouraged – to drink far too much and more importantly eat too much.

So today and tomorrow morning will be spent shopping and planning ready for the 31st and that all important welcome into the new year. I thought I’d round up some of the dishes I’ll be cooking for tomorrow.

Main dish

Two bean chilli

I think a warm bowl of something tasty and slow cooked is always easy. For me this is a chilli, I tend to go vegetarian as it caters for all and even meat eaters can enjoy. Two other good options are stews and curries.

Savoury sides

When it comes to the rest of it, much like Christmas you want food people can pick at even when it goes cold. Some of my favourites are:

Chickpea stuffed sweet potato

If you can get mini ones they work even better, the mint yogurt mix with this recipe makes a great dip.

Red Onion Flatbreads

These are an ideal way to add to cheese boards or to enjoy with the main dish as they’re filled with flavour.

Sweet Potato Falafel

These are a great way of enjoying something a bit different, and perfect for entertaining vegan guests.

Cheese twists

I am planning on making far too many of these tomorrow, they’re my favourite savoury addition plus they’re quick and easy.

Carrot chips

Courgette Fries

While I must admit these may not be everyones cuppa tea, they’re a great alternative to potato fries.

Breaded onion rings

These are super tasty, despite being breaded and baked they’re still soft and tasty to enjoy.

Something sweet

I do tend to opt mostly for savoury when given to option, but I do like something sweet to balance it out, so here are some sweet snacks I’ll be making for the evening.

Chocolate nutty discs

I shared a recipe of some chocolate discs earlier in my blogmas posts, but these nutty discs are super tasty as well. The great thing about chocolate discs is you can top them with whatever and they always look nice.

Lemon Oat Cake Bars

Oats are a great alternative to white flour and boost more health benefits, so you can eat these guilt free.

Banana and honey oat biscuits

If you want a little something sweet to tickle taste buds then these banana and oat biscuits are ideal as they’re light and tasty but sweet.

Choc-chip and banana flapjacks

Flapjacks are of course a classic, and these are no exception with the added chocolate giving an indulgent edge.


While we will of course have the usual condiments, their are some sauces I’ll be making from scratch to add to the table.

Red Pepper Hummus

If you hadn’t noticed yet, I am a massive fan of hummus and this red pepper one is sweet and thick.

Fully Loaded Salsa

Salsa is great for having with crisps or adding to your chilli for an extra heat kick.

Avocado Spread

Similar to guacamole, this spread works well with chilli but also with the flatbreads.

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