14 days of Blogmas: Mid-Festive Detox

So here we are, in the mid season festive slump. Christmas is done, presents have been opened and alcohol has been consumed. What now? The detoxing time.

We’re back in our homes having a break from family and awaiting the 31st of December when we can consume far too much food and booze and see everyone again.

I always find this time of year difficult, it feels odd going back to work after celebrating for three days with family who you won’t see again for a few months.

But one thing I will be doing is hitting the gym and detoxing ready for that all important New Years Eve party.

While the gym maybe something we all do in January I feel if you start now there is less pressure to fight your way into the gym in Jan.

But its not just my body that’ll be being worked on, it’s always my insides. Detoxing is so important, the amount of booze and fatty foods consumed in the past few days will have affected your body making you feel tired and sick.

A detox doesn’t have to be difficult either. Here are my three easy steps to fixing your body mid season.

  1. Consume as much water as possible. Keep a water bottle on you as much as possible. Go to bed with one full and drink it all first thing, then re fill it while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil and drink half then and continue to drink a glass before and after every meal.
  2. Use those leftovers healthier. When you break a Christmas down in essence it’s meat and vegetables. So by adding the turkey to a curry as long as you use coconut milk and lighter options rather than white grains and thick milks you’ve got healthy leftover dinner.
  3. Go for a walk once a day. While I do understand I am very odd in wanting to hit the gym before new year’s, a little walk outside won’t do you much harm.

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